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This little acoustic pop rock toe-tapper with riffing harmonica is a funny take on a not so funny premise: That with the rise of robots and artificial intelligence, humans are fast approaching the point horses were at at the turn of the last century with development of the combustion engine. 

Will we be put out to pasture? Perhaps we’ll realize what we do is not who we are and we’ll find our true cause. Sing along – the lyrics are below.

Song written and recorded by Michael McDaeth

Shot on location in Australia by filmmaker John Morrison

Starring Catee the Horse and Doris the Horse and Noel the Human

Big thanks to John Morrison, Catee Morrison, Noel Turnbull, Terry Turner, Neroli Palmer and Doris and Sandy.

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Michael McDaeth (Mc-Day-eth) was born in Mankato, Minnesota. He grew up in northern Minnesota on a quasi-homestead with horses and a cowpoke dad. In 1987 Michael moved to Seattle and studied acting at the Northwest Actors Studio. During this period he discovered his passion for music and began a lifelong pursuit of writing songs and performing as a solo artist and in the band Weeds.

McDaeth has recorded and released many albums over the years. He is also the author of two novels Roads and Parking Lots which is based largely on his life growing up on the homestead and generally making a poetic mess of his early adult years and Under Protest which is darkly comic take on his experience filming a protest singer at the WTO protest in Seattle in 1999.

In 2018 Michael was diagnosed with an incurable cancer called multiple myeloma. He wrote a memoir about his experience titled Love Trust Gratitude Healing: Turning a Battle into a Dance and making Peace with Cancer where he shares how even with extreme confrontations like cancer one can experience profound spiritual and emotional healing even when one is struggling to heal physically.

“Hey sweet nothing I can see you on the wall will you come down if I promise you a song that goes for the heart that goes for the soul.” MM