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Michael McDaeth

Short Film

I Use This Machine to Destroy All Other Machines | buy the DVD

I use this machine to destroy all other machines - availble in DVD or Streaming at amazon.

DVD > I use this machine to destroy all other machines

"This DVD is more than a collection of McDaeth music videos. The 14 music videos on the DVD are interwoven through scenes at an old rundown shack in the woods. Written by Michael McDaeth and directed by Australian Filmmaker John Morrison. Featuring music videos of mcdaeth's music by John Morrison, Plague Doctor Studios and Michael McDaeth.


AppleLore is the minimally animated piece about a young boy who climbs an apple tree to pick the most magnificent apple he's ever seen despite his mother's warning that the tree is too tall for him to climb. See it here.




Saint Lou

Saint Lou

Published on Apr 27, 2013
This piece is a time lapse of a walk that begins at a bridge over a small creek in the backyard, up the path and stairs, to the house and through to a window looking back at the creek. The footage was captured over an eighteen month period.

This project was directed by Michael McDaeth and features the oil paintings of Jennifer McDaeth.

Saint Lou the song is from Disc No. 2 of the 7 Disc CD release "The Socket Set" by Michael McDaeth.





A few Shorts below - see a larger collection on McDaeth's youtube

We Ha!

Published 2015
This piece is a an animated mix

We Ha! the song is from Disc No. 7 of McDaeth's 2012 release The Socket Set




Sugar Headache

Created by Plague Doctor Studios


Lyric: "Reading Chomsky through a donut hole i think i'm going right out of my mind"

Vertical Stripes Horizontal Lines

Time lapse by Jennifer & Michael McDaeth for the song Vertical Stripes Horizontal Lines from disc 5 of the Socket Set Disc 5

Its a Weapon

From McDaeth's 2005 audio release The Blank Album

Long Gone

From McDaeth's 2008 audio release Dissipation

Fortune 2005 (aka Personal Terrorist)

Space alien bombshells land on earth and spread their sexy destruction and MONSTERS! There's a robot! and Vampires! and a lovelorn Cowboy.

Every Other Day - I was punk when punk was punk


A Waltz in a Parking Lot

Running in a circle cause there's no where else to go

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