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Roads and Parking Lots
by Michael McDaeth

Michael McDaeth delivers with a well written and poetically fast paced tale entitled, Roads and Parking Lots.  Immediately you are introduced to the clever and witty protagonist, Mick, who is your normal everyday average guy who just can't seem to take anything seriously.  He finds himself in middle America 1980's and takes us on a long ride through the years of his youth that he spends wandering, searching for something worth doing and getting wasted along the way.  In his search, Mick is driven to live life only on his terms even if it leads to misery, emptiness and depression.  He struggles to find a place in this world, make a living wage in times of a horrible economy and constantly recalls childhood memories when times were easy and uncomplicated like fetching a beer for his Gramps.  He considers himself a moody Old Testament God who would, "stomp the shit out of my creations with sudden fury…" And just like many before him, Mick's ticket to freedom is hitchhiking or driving a car to anywhere and everywhere.  Unable to deal with the world around him, Mick knows he can always depend on the road and a car to drive him off to somewhere far away where he can start anew.  He believes, "Nothing matters when you're driving a car.  As long as there is enough in the tank, the whole world can go to hell."  Anything is a possibility to Mick as he speeds around meeting people, pushing limits and taking chances.   It is truly a thrilling ride filled with ups and downs that even Mick knows he will never be able to live down. 

McDaeth's writing makes story telling seem easy.  He writes short, but impactful poetic sentences, which makes for a smooth and effortless read.  He has successfully written a humorous and witty tale that elicits many social distresses of the early 1980's era and how many, like Mick, struggled to find meaning in and around all the, "gray gray gray of high civilization.

Juliette Hernandez
Dig this Real Magazine
Fall 2011 issue

"Roads and Parking Lots might be the truest rendition of the 80s I've ever read." p earwig